Personal Interests

Outside my professional activities, I enjoy reading books and newspapers, walking, traveling and learning History. I am particularly interested in the history of the Visigoth Spain, Mexican History, Middle Ages. I am an enthusiastic of Design, Music, Eastern Europe and Hagiography/Iconography.

  • My favorite books: The Castle (Franz Kafka), The Plague (Albert Camus), Tokyo Blues (Harumi Murakami) and Scholarium (Claudia Gross).
  • My favorite movies: Hugó, a víziló (Magyarország), Vip mio fratello super uomo (Italia) and Трое из Простоквашино (Россия).
  • My favorite football clubs: Gallos Blancos and América.
  • I love baseball.
Personal Background

I have been blessed by an extraordinary family that lives in Mexico. Thanks to Naomi, day after day I am more involved in Design. I have discovered that Design is in many aspects of our lives and our daily routine. Products, packages, graphics, furniture... It’s all about Design.

I come from Mexico. Mexico is a fantastic country, rich in culture and in diversity. In spite of its multiple problems, Mexico is the most extraordinary land in the world.