Current Professional Services

  • Computational Thinking (2014-Current)
    Research on teaching Computer Science to non-computer scientists at University, High School and Middle School levels. Application of Computational Thinking through technical elements for mobile and web design and development.

Past Professional Services

  • Energy Aware Computing (2013-Current)
    Research on energy-aware software design, design of software systems considerating the energy required at run-time. Research on energy-aware mobile software development, analysis of open source approaches and tools to support the development of mobile systems that are able to minimize their energy consumption. Research on Empirical evaluations processes and systems. Design and execution of experiments to verify the hypothesis and collect data for refining them and the support tools.

  • Mobile Software Engineering (2011-Current)
    I completed my PhD Thesis on this topic. Research on mobile software to determine how Software Engineering practices can be adapted to suit specific assurance needs given by a mobile environment. Explain the impact given by a mobile platform on the software development process and the quality of the software product. Set mechanisms to assure and monitor the quality of the mobile software product in application markets. Recommend and promote practices of proven value to enhance the quality of the product and optimize the development processes in mobile software projects.

  • Airborne Software Quality Assurance (2002-2010)
    Design software quality program plans for airborne software for control, prognostics and health management of commercial and military aircraft engines and aviation displays and power systems. Audit and conform test environments (hardware and software) for integration testing with credit for airworthiness certification. Follow up and supervise quality compliance of a team of 80 software engineers. Participate in the Design Board that establishes and deploys the SQA process instructions across global GE-Aviation SQA operations. Plan, manage and track software verification projects for airborne control systems of commercial and military aircraft engines to meet 14 CFR 33 FAA airworthiness requirements. Design and taught university courses and industrial training material on software quality standards.