Semana-i 2016

  • What is this about?
    Semana-i is one of the most distinguished academic-industry collaboration activities at ITESM. Semana-i is creativity-based, challenge-oriented, is all about understanding current problems on timely topics. In 2016, Semana-i runs from 26-30 September across all ITESM campuses in Mexico, and even beyond its borders!

  • Intellics
    In the Campus Queretaro, one of the many activities of Semana-i is Intellics. Intellics is about Intelligent Analytics. Five teams of four brilliant students each one have a challenge: they are given a collection of more than 10 millions of messages about a timely topic, and they should leverage the data collection to obtain any kind of intelligence out of it. There are many aspects to cover: analysis, programming, data cleansing, visualizations, information delivery... everything in one week!

    The Semana-i team ready to rock the house in the entrance of the GE facility in Queretaro, Mexico.

  • The topic
    The topic to analyze are the Olympic games. The volume of information generated by the past 2016 summer games in social media makes this topic very suitable for Intellics. Students will mine out opinions, comments, messages about this topic from Twitter. Each tweet is treated as an independent message... there may be something interesting in there!

    Number of tweets sent out in the timeframe relevant to the 2016 games. Can you guess out of the plot when Usain Bolt won his medals?

  • Acknowledgements: This activity is brought to Semana-i with the generous support of:
    - General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro
    - The School of Electronics and Information Technology of ITESM Campus Queretaro.
    - Intellics is tremendously endoubted to Dmitrijs Milajevs from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of the Queen Mary College of London, who first proposed it as an open challenge and who curated the datasets, and gave all the advice and guidance on his hands to shape Intellics and make it possible.

  • Core Staff
    Dr. Luis Corral: Activity Coordinator
    Dr. Edgar Arenas: GEIQ Tech Advisor
    Dr. Rocio Aldeco: ITESM Tech Advisor

  • Software Products:
    Available here by the end of Semana-i :)